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Effective Advertising

Effective advertising is built on specific information, not on what you hope might happen. After all. advertising and promotional efforts don't substitute selling...they enhance it.  Advertising puts you in front of prospects when you can't be there to sell them yourself.  Whether you're selling a product or service, looking to recruit or just building your image in the community, advertising can make prospects aware of you, make them receptive to your products and services and stir them to call or write for more information.  But your advertising can't replace ongoing sales efforts.  Effective advertising is based on knowledge of products, target markets and competitive conditions.


As your advertising agency, we'll need some important information:

  • What are your objectives? 

  • When do you plan to run your campaigns?

  • What special events do you plan to promote?

  • What is your budget? 


Advertising and promotion have to be managed the same way you manage other parts of your business. You have to know what resources you can afford to commit to them, what you want to accomplish, and how to form a coherent strategy that ties in with your broader business and marketing goals.

Many small businesses have turned to the on-line market, however simply creating a Web site does not guarantee that users will visit it, so many businesses now advertise on the Internet popular sites that are updated daily...., online city sites, media, yellow pages, etc.  Your advertising agency can help you make these decisions based on experience and research.